Learning and Development in your Pocket
DigitalQ brings learning, assessments and coaching on the go with a new platform and mobile experience.

DigitalQ coaching on the go

January 2024

We are proud to bring our desktop coaching experience to a mobile app.  Now, clients can perform assessments, connect with their coach and track success on the go.  Along with in-app learning and push notifications, DigitalQ coaching is accessible to clients anywhere and anytime.

These integrations make it simple for organizations to equip individuals with digital leadership skills and competencies required to thrive professionally in today’s technologically advanced business environment.

“This new integration of in-app coaching partnerships will further enable learning and development to occur at the convenience of our clients, and today it truly lies in the palm of their hands,” said Rahim Moosa, Founder of DigitalQ.

Future iterations and journeys will allow for content to be personalized by both the organization and individual’s career path, along with one-to-one coach pairing and scheduling.