Deloitte Toronto Office
Deloitte Toronto Office. Photo Credit & Source: Toronto Life Magazine


December 17, 2021

In our second year coaching for the Deloitte Aspirations Program and working alongside my partners at Metta Group, we are continuously focused on developing diverse leaders for the future of the institution.

2021 was a challenging time for Canadians, navigating uncertainties such as not knowing when the next vaccine would become available, to home schooling and parenting amidst school closures, all the while managing safety concerns alongside client deliverables and adapting to work from home.

However, this situation presented an opportunity to delve into multiple domains of leadership and personal growth.  What I personally took away from this experience is a privilege.

Indeed, it was a privilege and opportunity to guide and hold space for leaders at Deloitte as they exceeded their goals, succeeding to Director and Partner in the midst of a pandemic.  I congratulate all my clients for their resiliency, bravery, and openness to vulnerability. 

I’m very proud of each and every coachee.  Thank you for trusting and including me in your leadership journey.  You have inspired me.

Congratulations to the 2021 cohort – here is to your continued growth and success!  

 Rahim Moosa, Founder, DigitalQ