February 9, 2020

 Rahim Moosa, Founder of DigitalQ.

I’m proud to engage with SV Academy and provide coaching support for their rising star tech graduates, a.k.a. “Fellows in Field,” trained under SV Academy’s unique 12 week, part-time online program to qualify as an SDR (Sales Development Representative).

SV Academy works with more than 100 of the best startups in Silicon Valley and New York.  Their tuition is fully paid for by their employers.  Backed by investors including Ashton Kutcher, Co-founder and General Partner at Sound Ventures, founders Joel Scott and Rahim Fazal have been on a mission to enable underrepresented communities with access to employment in tech and have recently established partnerships with Arizona State University and Florida International University.

Thank you to SV Academy for this innovative opportunity to enable diversity in tech.  It’s a privilege to be on this journey with you to transform people’s lives at a time when diversity, representation and placement in tech is needed the most.

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